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The $1,000 Miracle

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          Just what is a miracle?  Some would say it’s the impossible becoming possible.  Unfortunately, today it’s become more of a cliché’ than anything.  People use it in all religions and cultures.

          One of those things I didn’t know about when I chose to go to Oral Roberts University, was the foundation of Oral’s ministry being based on, “Expect a Miracle”.  His whole focus for the many years he had a television program on both primetime and Sundays, was to help people to believe they could receive a miracle.  That the impossible was truly possible.

          From day one at ORU, that belief was grilled into me.  And, boy, did I really go down that path for some time.  Today, I still believe in miracles and have seen them in my life and the lives of my family & friends.  What was thought impossible, became possible. 

          After ORU, l was quickly married.  Within days, I’d left the church we were married in and moved to southern California to take a position as Youth Pastor at a church which, formerly, had one of the largest television audiences for their Sunday services in the country during the late 1960s and early 1970s.  

          A lot could be said about the time spent at that church which I plan to share more about, but there’s one small ‘miracle’ I’d like to share tonight.  

          After about a year of working there, money had become quite tight due to having our first child, steep rent costs, and college loans.  We were living check to check and barely had enough.  One day, after a convention held at the church by a popular televangelist known as Benny Hinn, the pastor pulled me into his office and told me he would give me $1,000.00 if I could go into their media storage room and find a video of a service held at our church with Katheryn Kuhlman back in 1969.

          Pastor had looked all over for it and couldn’t find it anywhere.  I found out later that he’d planned to market the video at Benny’s crusades.  Apparently, the video was very rare because Katheryn, known all over the world for her miracle healing crusades, never allowed video cameras in the services.  This was one of the very few she allowed because she was also a friend of the pastor.   

          I must have spent 4-5 hours searching for that thing to no avail.  After getting back to the apartment, I was deflated.  We really could have used the extra money.  I sat down and felt that still, small voice say, ‘go look again’…  I knew what (Who) it was.  So, I told the family I’d be back.  I went back and spent another two hours.  Just before leaving, I was drawn to a box on the very back shelf that I’d looked in before; several times. 

          I climbed up, pulled the box down, and dug in.  Much to my surprise, at the very bottom of that box, was the video!   I raced home with excitement and showed the family.  That very next morning, I knocked on pastor’s door, walked in with the video behind my back, and plunked it down on his desk saying, “I’ll take that $1,000.00 Pastor!” 

He looked at me with shock and amazement.  The only thing he could say was, “You’ve got it!...”  It was a miracle indeed.  No, it wasn’t a physical miracle or a life-saving miracle, but, it was a financial miracle to us and that was all that mattered. 

Within a month or so, they had converted the old video and began selling it at crusades around the country.  The photo today is of the video cover they created.  Many people were blessed by it and, I’m sure, the pastor made back his $1,000 quickly. 

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes.  What is a miracle to one person may not be to another. Science doesn’t always have the answer, but God does.  We may not have the money, but God does.  We may not know a car is coming at us with a drunk driver, but God does.

That is what I love about Him.  He knows all and still loves us.  He puts His angels in charge over us to keep us. He heals our emotional wounds, and He can heal our physical illnesses too.  He is a God of miracles!  

If you need a miracle, just believe.  He hears and knows.  He wants what is best for His children.  He wants us healthy, whole, and full of joy & peace.  He offers it all freely without having to earn it.  Tonight, I’ll leave you with a link to that video He helped me find in the bottom of that box long ago.  If you have time, I’d encourage you to check it out. 



Love always!




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