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Dreams & Visions - Update

July 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


          Recently, I shared a blog titled ‘Dreams & Visions’ talking about how, throughout my life, I’ve had dreams and impressions that have come true.  Most of the time, I had no idea what, or where, they were.  Two nights ago, I had one of those types of dreams again.

          It wasn’t quite as strong as some, but it rose above a pizza dream, as it was so real that it left me with the feeling I was there where I was in the dream.  The Mrs. had woken early to continue her work painting the metal tins we’ll be having hung on our ceiling this week.  I woke up a bit later in such a state that I had to go and tell her about it. 

          In the dream, I saw myself in what seemed to be a very poor area with rock streets and old buildings.  It was fairly dark outside, and I could still see the lights from the homes and people in the street.  Then, a small girl was running through the streets.  It was as though I could see through her eyes.  She ran and hid under a box where people walked by on the street.  She had all of her belongings in that box.

        In the dream, it was as though she was running from something and trying to find help.  Somehow, I knew she was an orphan and had no family.  Then, without any travel, I was in a different place and saw a wall of smooth stone with large cracks allowing water to poor out in multiple places.  I remember it seemed odd that the water was coming out of the wall and didn’t understand why.

          Immediately, I was back in the city area where water was rushing through the streets.  I felt myself raise up above the water to see what appeared to be a dog, a yellow Lab, which had grabbed a small baby girl by her clothes, that same girl, trying to save her by swimming to the side, out of the rushing water.  The girl had gone under the water and the dog seemed helpless to save her.

          Instinctively, in my dream, I jumped in, to save the girl.  Because the water was moving so fast, I was able to swim up to the dog quickly.  I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to my chest.  The dog spun out of control, turned a corner, and went out of sight.  

          After a moment, while holding the little girl tightly with my left arm, I was able to grab a support and pull us toward dry ground.  I tried to turn around to save the dog and heard a voice (in my dream) say to me, ‘he served his purpose in this life and is gone’.   After turning around, I was able to get the girl to safety and then the dream ended.

          I was left with the sense that, somehow, I was there in the water, holding on for dear life, and the sense that nothing mattered but saving that child.  Strangely, I was also left with a sadness for the heroic dog who gave its life to save her as well.

          After trying to shake off the dream, I went to tell the Mrs. about it.  I told her, “I think I may have had another dream.  Please remember for me in case we see a news story about a flood sometime soon”.   She reminded me that I needed to keep a dream journal, but she does just fine. 

Even though it was a dream, I’ve learned from the past, that I need to pray for whatever, or whoever, is in those dreams.  So, I spent some time praying for whoever that little girl was that God would protect her.   After praying, I put the dream on the shelf and tried to get past the emotions of it, so I could focus on my work later that morning; Monday morning.

This morning, Tuesday morning, I was looking through the news updates on my Twitter account and saw that a dam had breached overnight in Laos leaving hundreds missing and flooding entire towns.  Something inside me said, “that’s it”.   The image of that cracked wall with water gushing out, the streets I couldn’t quite identify, and even the way the people were dressed, all hit home.  The urge to pray for them came over me once again, so I did. 

It’s hard to describe the emotion of having a vivid, color dream where you can nearly feel the cold water you’re in while saving a drowning orphan child only to see the news of a tragedy just like it a day later.  All I can say is that it’s surreal.

The only reason I can imagine God would allow anyone to have such a dream, is to call them to pray because, when people pray, He can do miracles.  He doesn’t just care about Americans or those in modern civilizations.  He cares for even that little orphan child living in an Asian jungle village, just the same.  He cares enough to prompt His people on the other side of the world in their sleep to pray for them.

I may never fully understand why these dreams happen, but, if it’s just to pray for them, then that’s enough for me.  The good news is that God loves us all, cares for us more than we can imagine, wants to protect us from harm, and will move others to pray for us who don’t even know who we are. 

I’ll leave the link below of the news report for you to check out the story.  It’s being updated as they progress, but it’s slow-going to reach people there.  The death toll could be significantly higher.  I pray not…



Other videos of the dam break.


Love always,




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