Walking the Dogs

April 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


          Now that Spring is in the air, the dogs get to go for walks more often.  The weather tonight was perfect for taking them out for a walk.  Sixty degrees, fresh air, and a sunset to boot.   We have three dogs; Rocky, Daisy, and Watson. 

Rocky is the oldest and, frankly, the most peculiar.  He’s barely five pounds of Yorkie and cute as a button.  Watson is all white, full of joy, and one of the sweetest dogs I’ve known.  He’s also a pure bread micro Schnauzer.   Daisy is the boss and doesn’t mind letting you know.  She’s also a Yorkie and very loving & loyal. 




We originally got the dogs at a time when the Mrs. was going through Empty Nest Syndrome.  They helped fill the void the kids left when they moved out.  Now, they’re just our kids…

There’s something about that walk at night that helps me to wind down from the day and collect my thoughts.  We live in a historic district and all the homes on the way are old and picturesque.  It’s a time, also, to reflect on family, friends, and our neighbors.

The other evening, one of our more elderly neighbors was out by the sidewalk trying to mow her grass with one of those old-fashioned push mowers with no motor.  She was buckled over and could barely push it.  I thought I would try to make her laugh by saying, ‘that must get great gas mileage…’.  She quipped back after a brief laugh saying, ‘yeah, but it sure takes a toll on the back and knees’.

I certainly was faced with a dilemma, do I stop my walk, grab the push mower, and mow her grass or keep going?  Because I was pressed for time, I decided to keep going but, tonight, walking past her house, I felt that tug on my heart again.  So, this Saturday, I’m going to offer to mow her grass for her.  She’s a widow who lives alone and, to me, it’s the least I can do.  We’ll see if she accepts. 

It was one of the times when our faith hits reality.  I’m not getting any younger myself and it takes a lot out of me just to do my own lawn but seeing her out there bent over that push mower, made me realize just how good I have it. I’ll let you know Saturday how it turns out.

Life challenges have a way of crossing our path of life.  They force us to look inside.  Sometimes, we don’t like what we see.  Sometimes, they bring out the best of us.  And, sometimes, they may even bring along a blessing waiting to happen.  What looks to possibly be an additional burden we may not feel like we can handle, may just turn out to be a wonderful thing.

Tonight, here’s to walking those ‘kid’ dogs and letting life happen as we go.  


Wishing you a blessed week my friend!




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