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          Life can be hard, no doubt about it.  When we’re young we think in terms of a lifetime.  Our dreams drive us to make rash, impulsive decisions forever changing our course.  Yet, when we look back, we see that there were pillars along the way who helped to carry us and support us when we couldn’t support ourselves.

          The pillar is unseen from the road above.  It may even be in places we never thought we’d be able to travel over, holding us up.  It takes no glory for itself, yet, without its strength and consistent determination, it wouldn’t be a pillar in our life.  We never get there alone. 

          Some people don’t bother to look back and see those pillars or appreciate them for what they are.  They just keep moving forward until something breaks and another pillar comes along and helps them through it.  I’ve been guilty of that in the past, myself.  Today’s generation often seems to expect those pillars to be in place and complain when they’re not.

          Earlier tonight, I watched the tail end of a great movie, Saving Private Ryan.  During the final scene, the captain, along with most of the battalion, were killed trying to stop the Germans from advancing over a bridge.  The final words of the captain to Private Ryan were, ‘earn this… earn it’.   The next scene was Ryan sixty or so years later at the captain’s grave saying, he tried to live a good life and be a good man.  He tried to ‘earn it’.   By ‘earn it’, he meant to live a life worthy of the men that saved him and sacrificed themselves that day.

          What a powerful story of a pillar, and pillars, who gave of themselves so selflessly.  It truly was a great generation.  I’m afraid that we’ve lost some of that will power these days.  Everywhere I look, I see young people who don’t understand what went into what they have.  I know, it’s hard to hear when you’re that age and, eventually, life will teach them itself.

          I can look back and see many pillars in my life; my mother, grandparents, teachers, pastors, friends, and even strangers.  I can also see one right now in the beautiful lady I’m married to. She truly is a pillar, not only to me, but to the many people around her.  Being a pillar is hard work and sacrifice with little appreciation, and she exemplifies that. 

When I was young, I thought I wanted to be on top of that bridge racing along to new heights.  Now that I’m older, I would much rather be one of those pillars underneath, holding up the road so others can soar.  I may never see the appreciation or acclaim, but I know, in the end, I’ll be rewarded by seeing others cross that road over troubled waters onto their dreams.

          Tonight, here’s to all the pillars in our lives who’ve sacrificed, given when it hurt, shared when they had little, protected, encouraged, given up their dreams for ours, and who never wanted to be recognized.   I have only two words to say to them… THANK YOU!!!


Love always my friend,




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