Off Track

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          Why do we get off track in life?  It’s not that we even intend to.  After all, were going in the right direction.  We weren’t intending to stop and jump the tracks.  It could be there was something on the way that worked to push us off track.  A distraction or something unexpectently blocking the way.  Perhaps it’s another person coming in the opposite direction pushing us off track.

          Whatever the reason, it does happen.  When life gets off track, things seem to spiral out of control.  Our brakes no longer hold the track and the inertia seems to be pushing us down a hill. We may have been going too fast and jumped the tracks out of a lack of control.  Once we’re off the track, we’re heading for a crash.

          I’m sure most of us know the analogy I’m trying to draw.  I can look back on the tracks of my life and see times where I got off track and the results not only affected me, but the lives of those around me.  It changed the direction of my life and, once I got back on track, it took me to places I had never intended.  Not all of them were bad, mind you, because the Mrs. is one of them… 

          The Mrs. and I watched the latest rendition of, ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ the other night.  The premise was a group of people who had all planned to take the Orient Express in a plot to seek revenge for an injustice that affected them all.  The train was thrown off the tracks by an avalanche leaving them all stranded and the great detective Poirot to solve the crime.

          The plot was great, but, the sense at the end that every person on the train took part in a murder of revenge, left me feeling sad and sorry for them.  Because, even though their lives had been thrown off track at one time in the past, they sought to take justice into their own hands (literally) and, in the end, were all thrown off track again because revenge can never return what was lost. 

          All of us have had what we felt was injustice happen to us.  Some, more than others.  The thought of revenge, for me at least, has never been there.  I guess I’ve always felt that two wrongs don’t make a right.  The movies, and many parts of the world, today seem to be full of the idea that, if you can only get revenge, you will be the one on top by making them pay. 

Yet, God says, ‘revenge is Mine’.   That’s the truth we must hold to.  Even if life doesn’t seem fair and those who pushed us off track seem to keep going, we can not let ourselves get caught up in the thought of turning around to chase them down and driving them off the track in return.

I’ve found that the only true way to get back on track when injustice happens, is to forgive.  I forgive my enemies every day.  If I allow anger or unforgiveness in my heart it will only make me miserable.  It will have no effect on them, but it will affect me and all the loved ones around me.

So, today, here’s to getting back on track with a fresh heart of forgiveness for the ones in the past who may have thrown us off track.  If it was us who made the mistakes that threw our lives off track, then here’s to forgiving ourselves and walking in His forgiveness.  You never know where those tracks will take you once you get back on…


Love always and blessing to you my friend,



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