Just a Walk in the Park

April 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


          How many times have we not wanted to do something, then later, were glad we did?  Tonight, was one of those times for me.  The Mrs. had been working on painting our kitchen cabinets (no small task) the entire day while I worked in the home office.  We were both tired and decided to grab a bite at one of my staple restaurants, Zoe’s.

          On the way there, she mentioned that it would be nice to take a walk in the park by the lake nearby.  I thought, ‘yeah, that would be nice on another day’.  After dinner, and much thought, I decided I’d better go to the park.  Conveniently, she had brought along her walking shoes….

          The weather was perfect, and the sun was slowly setting.  The park has a winding pathway that circles the lake.  There are ballparks for the kids, slides, and even swans along the path.  It’s a great family place. 

          Half-way through the walk, we passed by a young boy who was trying to ride his bike with training wheels.  He looked up at us as we walked by with this look of sheer joy and amazement. We could tell it was probably one of the first times he’d tried to ride a bike and that look was priceless.  Later, we watched families playing with their kids along the path, laughing all along the way. 

          What struck me most was how happy they all were when they were doing something together outside of the house.  Sure, the weather was great, and the park was beautiful, but, the looks on the faces of the kids and parents as they bonded together brought a joy to my heart (I may not have totally let her know that at the time, however).

          Tonight, was one of those moments when I was glad I did something I didn’t feel like doing because it was right.  I will say one thing about the Mrs. and that is how good she is at pushing me past my boundaries to try something new.  She can be a little stubborn about things, but it’s always for a good reason.  Her love for me, and others, drives her to do more.

          She’ll be traveling to Alaska to help watch her sister’s kids in one week and this house just won’t be the same without her here.  We don’t always get along, but just having her in my life makes this house a home.   I’ll probably be blogging about loneliness more often when she’s gone (just kidding… well, mostly)

          Thank you. Mrs., for pushing me to get out and do something I really wasn’t wanting to do. The joy of those kids and families, the fresh air of Spring, and, most of all, the walk together with you was a blessing.  We’ll have to do it again, soon…

Wishing you all a great rest of the week my friends!



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