Go Blue!

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          I know, I know… there may be some Ohio State fans out there, and that’s ok.  We’re all God’s children so, there you go.  That said, tonight is the NCAA Basketball National Championship game taking place just a little south of us in San Antonio.  Wishing I could be there, but I didn’t want to mortgage the house to pay for tickets when I can watch it on tv for free.

          I’ve never really been one of those guys who keeps track of all the player’s stats, recruiting efforts, and playing fantasy sports.  I’m more of the guy who is loyal to his team from early years growing up in Michigan and enjoys seeing them win (or at least get to the finals).

I wear a Michigan hat around town and, sometimes, get the occasional heckle from the random OSU fan.  Other times, like Saturday, I ran into a guy at the coffee shop who’s from Michigan and grew up going to the ‘Big House’… jealousy is an ugly thing and it was tough not to be when I heard a few of his stories…

          What is it about winning the big games that makes us feel like we’re on top of the world?  After all, it’s ‘just a game,’ right?  The spirit of competition is certainly alive and well today and sports brings out the best, and worst, of it.  Those role models who know how to compete and win with grace are my favorite players no matter what the sport is.

          Much of what life is about can be learned through sports.  Learning to play as a team, sacrificing yourself for others, hard work, discipline, commitment, loyalty, living healthy, and friendship, are all great qualities we can learn from taking part in sports. 

          I remember when my step-son was younger and played in a heavily competitive soccer league.  The kids were great, but the coach and some parents were the worst.  It seems that parents tend to live their lives through their kids (not me), creating all kinds of issues for them to deal with one day.  Needless to say, my step-son has always been a great competitor and one of the best team players I’ve ever seen (and, thankfully, even though he’s from Texas, he’s a Big Blue fan too…WINNING…).

          I’m very proud of the man he’s turning out to be.  He’s found a passion that he can enjoy while serving God.  He’s loyal nearly to a fault and would give you his left arm (figuratively speaking) if he knew you needed it.  He’s hard working, funny, and single (girls). 

          So, tonight, I’m thankful for the opportunity to see my favorite college team in the national finals game (even if they don’t win).  And most of all, I’m thankful for my step-son who shares the same love for them and who has grown up to be a man to be proud of.


Love always friends…



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