Blessed to Be a Blessing

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          Spring is in full swing now and tonight was no exception with a line of thunderstorms roaring through dropping hail as they went. Thankfully, we were spared again.  But, the art festival downtown had to put up with some of the nasty weather. 

          After it had passed, and the sun came out, the Mrs. and I took a drive a few blocks away to take a walk around downtown.  I was skeptical thinking all the vendors were probably packed up and headed for home.  Much to my surprise, most weathered the storm and were open.  So, we stayed and grabbed a bite to eat at one of our favorite burger joints.

The Mrs. just wanted to spend time walking around together and enjoying the evening.  It was a little tougher for me to enjoy the time for some reason. But, we made the best of it. 

I did have some time to contemplate life sitting in a few ‘man chairs’ while the Mrs. checked out a few of her favorite stores.  The photo today was one of those times.  I was thinking about how life is short for some reason.  Time passes so fast.  I looked down that street and could remember the past 8+ years here and all of the different times we’d spent right there.  The Mrs. has worked in a store just down a few doors for most of that time.

I really am thankful for a lot tonight.  I know I get deep sometimes about life but, looking around where we live and all the blessings we have, I really don’t have much to complain about (even though at that moment, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself standing outside while the Mrs. was shopping).

Time does go by fast and, looking back, I must remember to be thankful for what we have.   I must remember to share what we have with others.  One of the greatest lessons I can remember is the concept the Bible teaches of, ‘blessed to be a blessing’.  It’s a simple, but profound statement.  What I have been blessed with is, so I can ‘pay it forward’. 

My prayer is that I remember I’m blessed to be a blessing more often and not get too caught up in my own plans, desires, and dreams.  Tonight, I’m thankful for what we have and am thankful for you taking a minute on the weekend to stop by and hear a little from my heart.

Wishing you a great weekend my friend and many blessings on you and your significant others...


Love always friends,






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