After the Storm

April 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


          After the rain stops, the winds die down, the hail melts, and the cloudy skies clear, we’re faced with having to care for life after the storm.  Sometimes, we make it through the storm unscathed with little or no damage to ourselves or our property.  Other times, nature has its way and leaves us with broken limbs to pick up, dented cars & roofs to repair, and, heaven forbid, with injuries to mend.

          Tonight, we had the first real hail and thunderstorm of the season.  Ironically, last night’s blog was about ‘Shelter’.  Usually, we avoid the big hail but, this time, at first, the storm was headed straight for our home with forecasts of possible baseball-sized hail. 

Now, THAT, can do some major damage to cars, home, and anything outside.  Thankfully, the hail didn’t get that large and the storm took a turn for the South.   We scraped by with just some pea sized hail that doesn’t cause much damage.

          During the storm, the tornado sirens rang out and we were told to take cover.  Once again, thankfully, no funnel clouds formed because this is a heavily populated area.  After the storm, we breathed a sigh of relief and went off to get some fajitas for our Friday night date night.

          Just as the storm had passed, I stood out on our front porch watching the powerful clouds clearing the way leaving behind them the fresh smell of rain and cool air from the cold front that was pushing it through. Just then, everything seemed so serene.  The birds began to sing (probably their own sigh of relief), the air was clean, and life began to spring back from its hiding place.

          What do we do after those spiritual and emotional storms of life?  Sometimes, we’re left with damage that can be repaired and, other times, we’re left with a lifetime of healing ahead.  Those emotional storms come and go, although destructive, life has a way of continuing on afterward.  It may not be the same and there may be loss, but one thing stands true; life moves on.

          Through the emotional and spiritual storms, I’ve been through in my life, I’ve always found that life continues.  At times, it almost seems it continues despite me.  Sure, relationships change, and there may even be losses, but, in the end, life around us continues.  When faced with storms, it can seem like there’s no hope and no one understands when, in reality, the opposite is usually true.

          After the storms of life, God can make all things new.  He can bring healing of the broken limbs of our hearts and bind up the wounds we’ve encountered through the storm.  He can bring new life where the old was taken.  He can replace what was lost in the storm in ways we can’t even imagine.   He has for me and He can for you too.

          So, tonight, let’s focus on the newness after the storms of life.  There’s hope and there’s always a reason to continue because He has plans for us that we can’t even begin to imagine.  I, for one, don’t want to miss out on those plans.  Despite myself, I will carry on after the storms of life because of His help, promises, and strength... 


Wishing you all a restful and peaceful week-end my friends!



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