The Piano Man

March 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          Growing up, some of my best memories were of sitting on the sofa in the music room at my grandparents home next to the upright piano listening to my uncle play.  Over the course of my early years, he would play everything from Beethoven to Chicago.  I learned to appreciate classical music, rock music, pop, and even musicals from him. 

          My uncle became one of the leaders in town when it came to helping the annual Community Players perform their musicals.  I even had a few chances to help by playing my clarinet in the musicals as well.  Everyone knew my uncle, not only for his music, but for his great sense of humor. He was easy to talk to and everyone loved him.

          One great memory of him was when he would take my sister and me to the lake in his convertible, red Dodge Dart.  It was in Michigan during the Summer and we would drive down some winding dirt roads to get to the lake.  He had music being played from the 8-track player blasting all the while.  I didn’t know the names of the bands, but it was a whole lot of fun with the wind blowing in our hair and the music playing those, now classic, 70’s songs that I still love today (probably because they bring back those good memories). 

          Music became a part of me through learning from my uncle’s example and I'll always be thankful for that.  The great thing about music is how it expresses our heart in ways words alone just can’t.  Playing music allows us to express ourselves and get those emotions out.    As a Christian, music allows me to express my heart to God and connect with Him.

          When I found what music could be when combined with faith, it changed my life even more.  It was one thing to play that classical song and yet another to play that music as an expression of worship.   Music directed toward Him becomes a release of my heart and allows for the outpouring of His presence into my life.

          I went through a phase in the 80s where I totally shut off anything other than worship.  Looking back on some of that music, maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing…

Anyway, music is, and can be, a way for us to connect with God.  It may be an old hymn, a new worship song (Gateway Worship is my favorite), or it may just be an acoustic guitar playing a simple melody to the Lord. 

Whatever it is, I want to encourage you to give it a shot if you’ve never tried it.  The car is a great place to worship (and it helps a lot with road rage!).  Maybe it’s just setting Pandora to a worship channel and listening in during your quiet time.  I guarantee that, if you give it time and are open to expressing yourself to God in song, He will answer with His presence. 

Wishing you all a great week-end!



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