The Dream

March 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          Growing up isn’t easy no matter what family we’re raised in.  For most of us, we’d like to forget our teen years with all the insecurities, rejections, changes, emotions, and everything that comes with transforming into an adult.

          I was one of those teenagers who really didn’t get into much trouble outside of the home.  I didn’t party, do drugs, or struggle with rebellion.  I did, however, drive my mother and family crazy with my fantasies of being a comedian.  One of the things I’m sure my mother regrets to this day is purchasing me that Steve Martin album that I listened to about a thousand times.  Because of that record, I received at around twelve years old, I spent the next four years acting like a “Wild and Crazy Guy!” …

          My mother and I went through a period where we would fight about little things.  I had exasperated her at one point.  Shortly after becoming a Christian, my mother had a dream of us both standing, and while facing each other, a dove coming down and landing in our hands.  From that moment on, we have never had an argument that I can recall. 

          She gave me the box shown in today's picture before leaving for college as a reminder of that dream and how God spoke to her.  It will always be with me because of that.   I see it every day.  It reminds me of His goodness and the peace He brought to us.  It also helped that I eventually stopped acting stupid (for the most part) like some lost comedian!...

          The dove is a symbol of His Spirit and presence.  I need that every day.  His Spirit will guide us and give us wisdom that goes beyond ourselves.  He will give us strength and power to get through some of those times when we feel like giving up.  He will always be with us and will reveal God’s nature to our hearts and minds.

          I thank God for my mother and I thank Him for the work He did between us.  I’m praying that He do the same for me again in other areas of my life.  I know He can and I know He will. 

I’m also praying for you today that God give you that peace and a vision of His presence being with you always.  That He reveal Himself to you in new ways and, maybe if you’re dealing with strife or a broken relationship, bring healing to yours as well.


Many blessings my friends,




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