The Box

March 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          Today we celebrated our youngest grandbaby’s first birthday with family and friends on a beautiful Spring-like day at a local park.  It seems like only yesterday that he came into our lives.  So much has happened since then though. 

          After we shared the healthy cupcakes the Mrs. made special and some veggie snacks, it was present time.  Like all kids his age who have birthday parties with family & friends, he was not lacking for gifts.  Some big, some with cars, some that made noise, some that made him think, and one that was basically a box.  He loved that one!!  That was all he wanted to play with after seeing it.

          What was special about that box?  Well, it had something different on every side for him to discover and, at one year’s old, by the time he got back around to one of the sides he may have started with, well, it was like he was seeing it for the first time.  It has wheels that turn, buttons to push, and a switch to click back and forth.

          Watching him get so much joy from that simple little box brought joy to all of us.  It was the child-like innocence, joy, and the taking joy in something so simple that warmed our hearts.  It reminded me of when we were kids and many of the fun times we had using things around the house to create something cool (to us anyway...).  Well, except the time I decided to take apart a very expensive radio and totally destroy it just to 'see how it worked'.  Or, the time I took a bare wire that was plugged into the wall and tried to make a lightbulb light up with it only to start my bed on fire... Yeah, good times.  

          Finding joy in something simple is what life is all about, though.  The ability to see greatness in the least is a gift.  It’s a gift that, I believe, this little guy may have already.  Parents today think they need to shower their kids with toys with each one being bigger and better but, when we were kids, it wasn’t the great gifts that kept us going, it was the ones we helped create.  The toys we used to imagine something much bigger than ourselves.  It was the fort down by the creek we built, the tent we built in the living room when we watched our favorite tv shows, or just the tree out back we could imagine as almost anything.

          It was a memorable day today and a day when this little 52-years-younger ball of joy reminded me that it’s the simple things in life that matter the most.  Thank you, little guy!   You are very loved…!

Love always my friend,



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