Taking a Seat

March 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          Travel days, especially on a Friday, can be grueling.  Add to that the last day of Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day week-end, and you have a full-blown mad rush on your hands!

          Airport travel, at least with a local Texas based airline, has become somewhat like the old Greyhound bus travel used to be.  Just sitting in the terminal waiting for your flight for more than ten minutes you’ll see people from every walk of life.  Rich people, people who are barely making it, students, gang banger looking people, country folks, vacationers, families, business people (me), and city folks.   Today was not an exception…

          I was exhausted by the time I got home.  Not really because it was a lot of walking, but because of walking through a blender of different people all day who are all in, seemingly, more of a hurry than me to get to where they’re going.  I just felt like sitting down and taking a load off my feet.

          The picture today was taken at a hotel in New Orleans yesterday.  It’s one of those classic old chairs that reminds me of the old South.  I loved the chair because it looked so inviting and large enough to even fit two people.  Not that I’d want it in my home, but, it still made one feel like they were stepping into the past a bit when people would sit and share life & music together.

          The one thing that kept re-occurring to me after taking a seat at the airport, was just how similar we all are.  Our body gestures, our feelings, our physical needs for food and comfort, the way we all tend to watch each other and make quick judgements, and just the way we are all so, well, human.  Human is the best way of putting it.

          Travel takes you right out to where humanity is.  Like it or not, everyone must deal with being human.  How we deal with it shows a lot about how we were raised and the type of person we are.  Don’t take me wrong, I’m fascinated by people, but on travel days like today, sometimes, it’s all I can do to show the love of God to others. 

          God makes it easier, though.  Yesterday, I saw an older lady sitting in a wheel chair by a bus stop and a man, who seemed to know everyone, just making her smile and feel so loved.  He was smiling and making everyone at the bus stop happy.  The thought came to me, ‘that’s his gift and he’s being blessed by being a blessing’.   I was on the way to get a bite to eat and caught up in my own thing but, seeing him bring joy to others that way, made me feel like I could do that too.

          So, the next time I take a seat at an airport or mall and notice people, instead of making a quick judgement, I’m going to smile at them and realize they are just human along with me.  Maybe I too can make their day brighter even if I’m exhausted from a full day’s travel.


Wishing you all a great week-end my friends!



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