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          I don’t know about you, but suppertime was a time when the family came together to eat and share about our day (at least in my younger days).  It was a time when, whether we felt like it or not, we sat at the table and ate together.  There were no cell phones to distract us from communicating.  We just had each other’s company and that was more than enough.

          Last night, we watched the Roseanne Revival and the one thing that stood out to me most, outside of the way they portray family challenges, was the way they started and ended the show all sitting together, eating around the table.  It was refreshing to see and brought back some good memories.

          My grandmother was a baker before she was married and, boy, could she make the best pies in the world.  When we had supper on Sundays, it was an all-day event for her to cook the pies, make the meal, set the table, clean, and then get everyone desert later that evening with some coffee.  But, that time together as a family around the table was worth it and I’ll never forget it.  We laughed, cried, and had wonderful food made with hands of love.

          The photo today is of a plaque showing a man giving thanks for his supper.  It hung in my grandmother’s kitchen from the earliest I can remember.  It was right by the doorway and she would tell my sister and me that we should always give thanks for our meal, because there were people in the world who didn’t have food like we did.  I kept the plaque after she went home to be with the Lord and have it on my office shelf where I pass by it many times a day with a reminder to be thankful for what I have. 

          I really do think it’s more of an American thing to be so busy that we grab a quick meal running out the door or bring home take-out to eat while watching tv.  We’re just as guilty as anyone.  I’ve gotten to where I dread the dinner table at times, yet, when we eat together, it’s always a blessing.  Today’s a good reminder for me to make that effort more often.

          Today is also a day when we celebrate Holy Thursday, the day Jesus broke bread with His disciples.  Otherwise referred to as, “The Last Supper”.  It was that evening, just a few hours before He was to be betrayed and taken away to suffer torture and death, that He chose to spend with His closest friends.  He shared His heart with them, and, He shared a meal. 

          When He broke the bread, He blessed it, and shared it with them.  They didn’t realize that He was symbolizing the death He was soon to experience as a sacrifice for them.  But, even before He broke the bread, He washed their feet and, soon, would wash their hearts.

          This Holy Thursday, I’m thankful for all the blessings God has given us.  I’m thankful for you, my friend.  If you’ve taken time to read this today, then I want to tell you that God loves you and I truly appreciate you. 

So, be encouraged today.  Know that there are others out there who care and who are willing to listen.  Most of all, there’s a great God who gave His son for you, so that you might have life.  Not just life, but life more abundantly…

Blessings my friends,




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