Stepping Outside

March 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          Well, it’s Friday night and it’s been a long week.  This is the time of year when most of my customers are doing large orders and renewing their agreements, so I’m kept pretty focused all day trying to get everything done.  I’m sure many of you can relate to the level of stress that hits after 3 large cups of coffee, 100+ emails, and deadlines looming.  It’s times like today, when I’m feeling like I have nothing left to give, that just the slightest burst of energy or adrenaline, will push me over the finish line for the day. 

          I think of the day when we were dependent on the winds to help us pump our water out of the ground or turn mills that get the work done like in today’s photo.   It’s that burst of wind that made the difference between having food and water for the job or the day. 

Finding that extra burst of energy can be tough in today’s lifestyle.  We rely a lot on stimulants (coffee, sugar, soda, etc.) to help us along and pay a steep price for it in the long run.  For me, it’s refocusing my mind to something completely off the point of stress (along with way too much coffee…). 

Today’s Springtime weather made it easy to step outside onto the front porch and just listen to the birds chirping, wind blowing through the trees, and, yes, the dogs giving a passer-by a piece of their mind.   It gave me that extra boost of energy to cross the finish line and kept my windmill turning.  It was also a moment when I felt the Lord’s strengthening while just standing there listening.

I find that it’s in times like these when God speaks to us.  When we take the focus off the stresses, the hardship, and challenges just to listen, He grants us peace, calms our hearts, comforts our souls, and encourages us to keep on going.  He grants us the strength to finish that last task stronger than we thought we ever could.

It may be stepping outside, turning off the television and listening to some soothing music, or it may be just laying back with the door closed for a few minutes with your eyes closed.  However you can make that time happen, I’m praying we’ll all find a way to take our minds and hearts off those things that cause us so much stress, just to stop and listen to the world around us.  It’s at those times, that God will speak.

Wishing you all a great and blessed week-end my Friends…

Love always!



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