Speed Racer

March 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          What is it about a fast car that makes little boys just go crazy??  Is it the power, the speed, the colors, the style, or, maybe, it’s just the cool factor?   Growing up, I had my share of Hot Wheels, and, boy, do I wish I’d saved them and kept them in good condition.  During the late 60s, 1968 in fact, is when Hot Wheels first came into the market and I was at just the right age (4 years old) to really enjoy them.

          Every kid my age had to have them.  The tricked-out cars with cool colors were what it was all about.  Today, they’re just as much of a hit as they were then.  Just more cheaply made.  Who can forget those rubber, orange tracks we’d put together to race them around?

One of my favorite cartoons at the time, which also had just come out, was called ‘Speed Racer’.   It was a show about a race car that could jump in the air, fly, and do almost anything.  The ‘Mach 5’ was on my mind every day.  I dreamt of driving that car.  Between Speed Racer and the original Bat Man program, it was a great time to be a kid!

I really don’t know why I’ve kept this key chain of the Mach 5.  Perhaps, it takes me right back to those days when all I had to think about was catching the next show and dreaming about how great it would be to drive that car.  It seemed there wasn’t a care in the world.  

I love that about kids and remember the innocence I felt at that age.  Jesus said that, unless we become like children, we won’t be able to enter His kingdom.  I truly believe that His kingdom is here in our hearts and not just heaven.   He’s really saying, that unless we allow our hearts to be totally trusting of Him, free from malice and hate, with our eyes not focused on ourselves, we won’t be able to experience the true joy that He can bring to us.

Not that we should all go to Walmart and buy some Hot Wheels (although, that does sound like fun with the grandboy).  But that, keeping that simple spirit of humility and trust in God, will keep us through some of the toughest of times.  In its own way, this car does reminds me of that time when I was just a boy and simply trusted.  I enjoyed the moment and lived for today. I want to get some of that back in my life.  I need to get some of that back.  I need to learn to not fear the future but embrace today.  That’s really at the heart of it all. 

I want to invite you to join me in letting go of the stress from the unknown and to hold onto today.  To find joy in the moment and not fret over tomorrow.  To be at peace with ourselves and with God.  In that, the joy will follow and, Lord knows, I need more of that today!

Many blessings my friends!



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