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          The other day, a large old candle we had sitting on the living room coffee table decided it would just melt down to nothing in about 10 minutes.  It concerned us greatly at first because we’ve had that candle for a long time and never used it.  Then, when we did, it just burned down to nothing.  We’re told it was because the wax was aged and that it was normal for that to happen (something good to keep in mind for the future for sure). 

          The good news was that it gave the Mrs. and I a challenge to find another 6-inch tall/wide candle to replace it.  We did, eventually, and had all 3 wicks lit earlier today.   There’s just something soothing about that bouncing flame that keeps the room peaceful.  The smell of vanilla and the orange glow make for good memories.

          Thinking of memories, one of my best memories of my college days at ORU was of our dormitory wing, and sister wing, occasionally taking drives together to the Arkansas river where we built large bonfires along the water.  We built some great ones too.  The best part was sitting around that fire sharing our hearts and worshiping together while the chaplain led us in song with his acoustic guitar.  Real friendships were made those days, and this was part of the process. 

          The disarming nature of staring at the beauty, and yet danger, of the fire helped us all to open our hearts to each other.  I love candles (not the smelly ones of course) just for that reason.  They remind me of the beauty of God’s love and the power it has to purify us.   The Bible talks in the Book of Acts how God’s power  was laid on the first Christians as tongues of fire visible to all around.

          That fire resting on them was not just power, but it was also purifying them in a new way.  They were being filled with His presence, power, and life.   I long for those days, at times, when life was so simple.  When we could sit around that fire and just let go, raise our hands, and worship together.  It was powerful, and it was cleansing...  

          God wants to do that in us every day.  It’s not the fire itself that does that work, but it’s the fire of His Spirit cleansing our hearts that does.  It’s His power that enables us to live the life He’s called us to live.   The fire in the Bible was a gift and it came after surrendering their hearts to Him through prayer and being in unity. 

          That’s it.  That’s what it will take for us to see that fire again today.  Prayer and unity.  It’s my prayer for the church that, through all the persecution, trials, and troubles, we come together in prayer, humility, and unity to see His fire fall again.  He’s more than willing to pour it out on us when we ask.  He just wants to be sure we’re ready for it...

Wishing you all a blessed and joyful week my friends!



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