Rocky Roads

March 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          A few years ago, the Mrs.’s family had a great time together in Colorado.  We all chipped in and rented a chalet together.  Even though it was late Spring, the mountains had just received a big frosting of snow making it look like a winter wonderland.  Stepping outside after the snow fall, seeing the mountains covered, was refreshing to the soul.  Having the family reunion in the middle of that beauty made it even more special.

          The road to the chalet was a winding road with spectacular views on all sides.  There’s just something about the road that spoke volumes to me and reminded me of my grandmother. 

          My grandmother always seemed to know things about us and had a sense about her that made us think she could read minds sometimes.  One of the things she did before passing, was to be sure that I had the print below.  I remember from a young age, this print hanging at the end of the hallway in her home and it now hangs proudly in the doorway to my office.  I view it every day and am reminded of her.

She would say the photo spoke to her about my life.  That it would take many turns and have many challenges but, in the end, God would take care of me.  It was as though God was speaking to her not to worry about my life and that, even though the road would be winding and rocky, that He would be with me.

When she passed, I knew that this photo would be mine to have and cherish.  More important than the photo, is the thought that she is looking down on my life and watching over us.  I know she saw more than she would say and that she loved us all with a full heart.  

Indeed, life has taken many turns and corners that I never expected.  The road has been rocky and difficult to pass at times.  But, I’ve known from a young age that God has always been there with me.  Even when I’ve wondered off the path following my own ways.  One day, at the end of that road, I’ll not only see the Lord, but will see grandma waiting for me.  What a family reunion that will be!...

Even though life’s roads turn and can be difficult, know that there’s One who is with you always.  No matter if you turn down a path that gets you off track, He will be there to guide you back to the right place.  He will be the light to your path when darkness comes, and you seem lost.  He will clear that path if it seems closed.  He is forever faithful.  He’s the Father who will never fail us and will be waiting at the end of that road for us if we trust Him. 

Love always friend,



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