Old Friends

March 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


          Tonight, we said goodbye to an old friend.  This friend helped us move at least four times, helped us carry heavy loads we couldn’t carry ourselves, gave us comfort when we needed to stay out of the rain, and was more reliable than most.  This friend will certainly find a new friend as they move onto their next phase of life.  So, we say goodbye to you, 2005 Honda Odyssey.  You’ve always been there for us over the years.

          It was tough saying goodbye to that van.  For me, it was tough because it was paid for. For the Mrs., well, she was a little happy to say goodbye and to welcome the new member of our family, the 2018 Molten Lava colored Honda CRV.   Actually, the Mrs. was VERY happy to welcome the new addition to the family…!

          Car shopping is one of my least favorite things to do.  I must say that I’m getting good at the negotiation piece, however.  It was time to say goodbye to the van (even though I’m still wrestling with a bit of sadness over it).  Like any human that gets older, it was having leaks, pains, and just didn’t have strength to carry on like it had.

          Even though my dad was a GM retiree, Honda has kept our family going now for some time.  The reliability, value retention, and overall quality make them hard to beat.  We’ll keep them for ten years or more if we can, too.  It’s a happy day today for the Mrs. and I’m sure we’ll be enjoying many years with our new friend. 

          Sometimes, old cars speak to us.  They may have been the family van that carried with it, all the memories of old, or that car we remember as a kid.  The photo today was taken north of us near a restoration business for old cars.  They take the old, rusty cars like these and make them beautiful again.  There’s just something about the style, design, and nostalgia that these old cars have that is timeless.

          Old friends are like that.  They’re reliable, they’re faithful, and they carry with them great memories from years ago.  I miss my friends out there.  It’s hard to keep in touch sometimes, but I know that if I need to pick up the phone and talk, it would be just like we’d never been apart.  These are the friends who have a love for you no matter what.  They stick with you through the good times and the bad.

          Like these old cars, these old friends become more valuable and rare as time goes by.  In a small way, today’s exchange of vehicles has prompted me to take a look at my friendships and cherish them more; to make more of an effort to spend time with them (even it it’s just on the phone or the net).

          So today, here’s to old friends!  Cheers to you all and many blessings on you for all you’ve done. 

Much love,



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