Fire Escape

March 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          Today, the Mrs. and I were able to break away for the first time in a while to take a drive to some nearby towns North of us for antique hunting, lunch at a local burger joint we’d never tried, and the occasional photo opportunity.  It was relaxing and a great escape from our daily routines.

          Being able to get away isn’t as easy as it used to be.  One of the primary reasons is because of our wonderful little canine kids (Rocky, Daisy, and Watson).   They require lots of coming in and going out when it’s too cold, too hot, or rainy.  But, on days like today when the weather cooperated, they could enjoy time outdoors which freed us to take the day (most of it anyway) and go somewhere to get away.

          I know it’s hard for a lot of us to take time off or go somewhere outside of our local places, but, if it can be managed, it sure does allow for the mind and heart to reset.  Just seeing the Mrs. enjoy the hunt for that box she’s needing for the kitchen and enjoying that buffalo burger in a cool historic building creates memories for us. 

          It’s not all fun for the Mrs. as she has to put up with my Neil Diamond imitations and singing along to old seventies songs on Pandora (as well as the occasional comedic attempts at humor she’s heard hundreds of times…).  Overall, taking the time to escape the fires of the daily routines, travel, and stresses was great today.  I wanted to share a couple of shots from a building we passed by.  I love the old fire escapes tied to some of these historic places.



          Sometimes, life can be overwhelming.  Having a ‘fire escape’ can help.  That may be as simple as a vacation or trip to the movie theatre.  Or, it may be a close friend or family member who lends an ear at just the right time. I know my personal ‘fire escapes’ if ever needed and they know I’m there for them too.

          We may not have that personal ‘fire escape’ to turn to, but we do always have One who is there to listen to us and care.  He will never let us down and is always concerned; even about the littlest of things in our life.  He is my primary personal ‘fire escape’ and always will be.   There were plenty of times I’ve felt like jumping off the building and he’s walked me (or carried me) off the roof calmly and safely.

          If you need a personal ‘fire escape’ today, remember He is always there willing to help save us from whatever it is life throws at us.  He is a good God and loves us unconditionally (even when we feel like we don’t deserve it).   Thank God He’s there and thank God He knows when to send that personal ‘fire escape’ friend too.

          As the old saying goes, ‘God’s never early and He’s never late.  He’s always right on-time’…


Wishing you the best tomorrow friends!




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