Dr. Who?

March 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          Today I thought I would share a memory that was made at our humble home with the grandson whose science project was to make a volcano erupt.  With the help of Gammy, he had all the right ingredients (baking soda, vinegar, water, water color, and a few others).  The best part was that it made green lava!  How do you top that?

          For his kindergarten second half he’s being home schooled and growing like crazy.  Such a smart kid who’s already doing math and reading at a few levels ahead.  This was fun for him today.  He loves to create things and, like any young boy his age, slapping on those goggles and mixed something that seems to erupt… winning!

          It reminded me of a time when I was just about his age and the big thing at the time (1969/1970) for all of us was the space program.  I wanted one of those toy rockets that would shoot straight up in the air for hundreds of feet.  Fortunately for me, my mother knew I would probably shoot out a window or start the house on fire, so, she settled for one of the rockets you fill with baking soda and then put carbonated water in.  It made some cool foam but, yeah, it never lifted off the ground.

          Not all our science experiments turn out to be Earth shattering, but it’s the journey that matters.  Seeing the grandson do something like this for the first time was a joy.  Even more of a joy was seeing the Mrs. walk him through it like a true teacher that she is. 

          Thank you kiddo & Gammy for the memory.  Who knows, in a few years, maybe we’ll shoot off some rockets together. 

Hope you have a great Friday and blessings my friends,



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