Diet Coke

March 26, 2018  •  1 Comment


          One of my vices (one of serval) is that cold, freshly poured Diet Coke.  I know, I’ve heard it from all sides, “that’s poison!” or “do you know what that does to car batteries?” or “you’re going to kill yourself if you keep drinking that”.  I know people have good intentions, but probably the most effective negative (if there is such a thing), was when I heard that Diet Coke actually makes you hungrier and causes your body to store fat.  That didn’t settle well.

          What to do with this soda (or is it ‘Pop’?) addiction?  I enjoy it so much, yet, it’s killing me (according to some).  Why can’t there be food or drinks that are both healthy and enjoyable?  It seems like the healthy foods just don’t trigger the pleasure center of our brains like the bad foods or drinks.   I can hear some reading this saying there are all kinds of great, healthy foods that are enjoyable, and, to that, I will say, I agree.

          The Mrs. and I have been on a journey together to cut out nearly all junk food (98% there) along with lowering our carbs, eating healthy substitutes that taste the same, and just eating smaller portions.  I’ve lost weight and feel great.  BUT…  That doesn’t mean that one of the little food/drink vices I have, still holds on.  It’s usually tied to the “getting out of the office for fifteen minutes to clear my mind” activities like running over to Sam’s or QT.  Double reward!!  Yes, that makes it even tougher.  I won’t purchase Diet Coke at the store to drink at home.  No, I need to go get that re-fill and get out of the office.

          Coca-Cola has done a fantastic job of brain washing us from the time we’re little to thinking we need that Coke.  I still remember the commercial in the 70s with the mass of people on a hilltop singing, “I’d like to buy the world a Coke…”…  Ah, memories.

          Do these little vices really cause us to die over time?  Who knows.  I do know, however, that for about 30 minutes a day, I get some time away from the emails to enjoy a Coke while listening to talk radio, taking pictures, or just doing errands.  I’m not ready to give that up just yet.  I did ask my doctor once (who was drinking a diet coke out of a can during my appointment) what she thought.  She just laughed and said it’s 98% water & salt and not to worry about it.  I loved that!!

          Anyway, you may be on one side of the fence or the other.  You may have some small food or drink vices too (little pieces of chocolate to snack on, a small bowl of ice cream at night, a small glass of wine before bed, who knows).  The question to ask ourselves is whether that little food/drink vice is going to do long-term damage to me or to others.  At this point, I’m not convinced that a 32oz soda ever day or two is going to kill me.

          So, for now, it’s onward and upward with the Diet Coke ‘snack’.  If that’s all I have that I use as a vice, then I’m good with that…


Wishing you a blissful week friends!



Moderation is the key to a healthy life. Too much of anything is bad. My vice? Bourbon, I may have 2, 2 oz glasses a week- Hardly a habit.... Enjoy!
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