Taking a Walk

March 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          You know when Spring is around the corner when you see the daffodils blooming.  This week has been great for that.  The last few mornings on our walk together, the Mrs. and I were blessed to see many of them blooming all along our usual path to downtown.

          It took me back a bit to when I was young, and my uncle Bob would watch us while my mother went to work.  Bob was/is a genious when it comes to plants and plant life.  We would go on walks together around the neighborhood, or the yard where he’d planted every type of flower imaginable, and he would point to each one telling me the genus and species; in Latin no less! 

          Now, I really didn’t understand it or remember much of it, but Bob kept at it to teach me about the life around me.  He cared that I learned to understand, not just the beauty of those flowers, but their origin and family.  I didn’t appreciate it until later in life.  Now, I wish I remembered what he told me (especially when shopping with the Mrs. at the neighborhood nursery…).  Uncle Bob had a major impact on my life.  I’ll be sharing more about him down the road.

          Being raised to appreciate the beauty around me really came into full bloom after I found the Creator and began to have a relationship with Him.  I was seventeen and had been a Christian for about a year, but always felt like it was such a struggle.  I had been praying that God touch my heart in a way that I would experience more of Him.

          It was a Sunday morning before church and I was watching a television ministry when I felt His power overwhelm me with waves of love.  I cried and cried.  I drove to church crying and, when I got there, I was a little late, so I had to park further down the road, but, I will never forget that walk/run to church (our local United Methodist Church).

For the first time in my life, when I looked at the flowers and breathed the air it was as though the scales had come off my eyes and their beauty was unimaginable.   I never saw them the way I did that day and it has stayed with me since.  There’s something about being touched by the Creator that makes us more aware of Him all around us.

I never want to lose that sense. Sometimes it seems further away than others.  But, when I ask Him to fill me again, He is always loving and faithful to bring His presence into my life.

Tomorrow, I want to encourage you to take walk a with God and let Him show you His creation.  He may not name them by genus and species, but He can open your eyes to see their beauty in ways only He can show.

Love always friend!



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