Closed Doors

March 25, 2018  •  1 Comment


          There’s a town just north of us that was, at one time, a hopping western train stop where everything was traded, carried from & to, and travelers stopped on their way to Dallas to rest.  The original buildings still host local restaurants and stores but, some, are boarded up like the door in today’s photo.

          I went out to scout the downtown as a possible location for doing a senior photo shoot because of the old buildings and true Texas look.  This door stood out to me as, not only a place to get a good shot, but in ways that resonated from within.

          A few days ago, I wrote about time and how it seems to pass so quickly as we get older.  How life just keeps going while we seem to age.  Past doors, for some, including me, remain closed.  We walk down that same alley of life and see that door every day with the wood planks blocking any entrance.  The weeds have grown over the door and, eventually, will take over the entire building itself, over time.

          We look back and remember when that door was open, and people passed freely through it.  As life progressed, things happen out of our control and those doors were closed.  Many of us understand that.  The things we thought were open doors to us, later, became closed.  Sometimes, that door is slammed in our face without any explanation.  Locked out and nowhere to turn is what we’re left with.

          Many people use the old adage, “when God closes one door He opens another,” which I can mostly agree with.  But, sometimes, it’s not God closing the door; it’s people.  In fact, most of the time, I think it’s either our own desires directing us through doors that were never meant to be opened in the first place, or others who choose to block those doors.

          Whether its us making wrong turns, others keeping us from going through those doors, or God preventing passage, they are closed.  What’s the next step?  Do we sit and sulk over why?  Continue to go back and keep knocking only to be rejected over-and-over again?  Some try to yell and make as much noise as they can until that door opens.  Some, just give up.

          Recently, I’ve been reminded of that painful door.  It stands in the way of so many things I’d wish could be.  Sure, I want to yell, try to kick the door down, knock and knock, but, what then?  I’ve tried all those things and nothing. 

          If there’s one thing that life has taught me, it’s that I can’t control others and I certainly can’t control God.  It’s at that place of realization of helplessness that we truly become strong.  It’s when we see that, no matter what we do, nothing can change without His help.  From that point forward, it’s a matter of letting go and trusting the One who knows the past, present, and future, to open the door when, and if, He chooses. 

          It’s a vulnerable place to be and one that only faith, love, and grace can get us through because the world tells us to get a bigger hammer and knock that door down.  God tells us, “trust Me…”   That’s all I need, even when the pain is so great, because in that trust, I find hope.  Hope will never be defeated.  Hope is all we need.  Hope will carry us through any doorway and through any dark alley until that door is open. 

          Today, my hope is renewed, and my faith is encouraged.  That doesn’t mean the pain of that closed door isn’t there when I pass by it while walking the alley of life.  But, it does mean that I can see beyond that door with a sense that, one day, it may open again.


Wishing you all a blessed week my friends!





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