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          Sometimes, I wish I had all the answers.  To know why life happens the way it does.  To know how life will turn out.  To understand the world around me so there would be no surprises.   Yeah… I know.  How Boring!!

          We aren’t made to know everything or to understand everything.  The journey is what makes life great.  Yes, there are pot holes on the road of life.  Detours that take us way out of our way.  Distractions that cause us to crash.  But, there are also surprises that bring us joy we’ve never experienced.  People who cross our path that turn out to be friends for life.

          If I could control everything and know everything, well, I’d be God. Thankfully, I’m not.  It reminds me of the Jim Carrey movie where he played Bruce Almighty.  ‘What a great thing to be God’ he thought to himself.  ‘If I had God’s power, then she’ll love me.  I can make her love me.’ Unfortunately for Bruce, that didn’t happen the way he thought.

          I believe the reason we want the power to know and understand all is because we’re afraid of pain.  We’re afraid of losing the ones we love.  We honestly don’t want, not only for ourselves to suffer, but others either. 

          It takes a truly great person to handle power, though.  Over the years I’ve seen so many fall hard when they were on top of the world.  Many in just the past year.  The great person realizes that, power in and of itself, can’t change people.  They realize that the real power is in dying to themselves.   Yet, we’re surrounded with marketing that tells us otherwise.  It’s the power that makes us great. It’s being the number one, the best, the most beautiful, or the richest.

          This simple candle speaks to me about my heart.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes in this life and those mistakes have hurt others.  Others close to me have made mistakes as well which hurt me greatly.  Yet, through all of that, the simple light in my heart still shines.  It’s His grace and His forgiveness that changes things, not only my life, but the lives around us. We can be a light to others, not by being the most powerful or beautiful, but by being the most loving and humble.

          I know I still have a lot of work to do to get there.  Every day is a battle to get to where I know God wants me to be.  I’m not going to rush it or make it happen.  I’m going to let Him guide me on this journey and let Him mold my heart, so I can be that light to others He’s designed me to be.   And, so can you my friend.  We’re all in this together.  One day at a time…


Wishing you the best of days tomorrow!



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