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          This past week-end the Mrs. and I took a short drive North of where we live across the Texas and Oklahoma border.   The border is set directly on the Red River which was a main transportation vein years ago. Before there were highways and modern bridges, trains, along with horse & buggy, carried people and products across the country.

          The Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge was one of those bridges built by the old Missouri, Oklahoma, & Gulf Railroad to provide a way across the Red River.  It’s quite a bridge to see in person.  The old iron is now rusted, and the wood is weather worn.  But, it still has great strength and majesty.

          Looking at the bridge made me think of how many of us are so separated by the gulfs and rivers of life.  For some, it’s just the miles that separate us and for others, they can be in the same room and they feel miles apart.

          Distance does grow the heart fonder, but often, distance can keep us apart in more ways than one.  These days, we all have family in different states.  For me, it’s Michigan, South Carolina, Seattle, San Jose, Kansas City, Canada, and Alaska.  Not to mention all the friends we’ve made over the years who live in different states.

          Even worse than the distance by miles is the distance that’s created by misunderstandings, falsehoods, and unforgiveness.  These separate us more than any of the rest and keep us apart, sometimes, for lifetimes.  

          What if there was a bridge to help us get to the other side of these strained relationships?  What if, somehow, there was a way to get to those people we’re estranged from?  Maybe that’s a ‘bridge too far’ for some and, maybe, it’s one that can be built.

          I’m no engineer, but I know some of the basics.  Starting with a good foundation of forgiveness.  Adding to that the framework of communication and the road of openness, combined with the strength of persistent love, we may just be able to build that bridge.

It will take a lot of effort, money, and time, but if we work at building these ‘bridges’, we may find that the ones on the other side were hoping to find a way to us too. I have some bridges to build in my life.  Some, I’ve put off for a long time.  Some, I’ve tried to build but, over time, were blown over. 

It’s time to pick up the pieces and begin building again until those bridges get built.  I must believe that it’s worth it, and far better than standing on the side of that emotional river wishing there was a way to cross, but never making the effort.


Love always friend…



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