Between a Rock and a Hard Place

March 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


          The Mrs. and I traveled to visit my step-son at his church’s celebration in downtown Dallas tonight.  It was a beautiful day for it and there were thousands of people joining together to worship and celebrate the holiday.   The Mrs. loves seeing her son working for a church and happy.  It makes me happy that she’s happy (even though I can get a bit grumpy around large crowds and loud music…).  It was a good time to get away and experience something different with her (and the Greek food truck too). 

          Of course, today isn’t, traditionally, considered a day of celebration.  In fact, it’s a day when we remember Christ’s death on the cross and what it meant for humanity.  It’s a difficult day in that sense because, as many believe, it was because of us that He gave His life on that cross.  Knowing that should have been me, is a sobering thought.

          The photo today was taken several years ago on a back road in central Texas.  The farmer who owned the land had these three crosses placed in such a way that people coming from either direction would be able to see them.  It’s a subtle, yet powerful message.  The cross speaks without words.

          It reminds me of when Jesus was on the cross.  He was surrounded by two thieves.  Both were condemned to death, but one, decided to believe and Jesus promised, that day, he would join Him in paradise.  Right in front of that man, Jesus was paying the price for all his sins and at the same moment, he received salvation.  What a miracle.

          Life is like that.  We find ourselves in between a rock and a hard place at times.  It seems like there is no way out and, right in front of us, is the miracle we’ve been waiting on.  It’s often at those times of complete failure and distress that our miracle arrives.  I don’t know why that is, but I do know that, the many times I’ve been there between the rock and hard place, was when Jesus showed up, held my hand, and walked me through it.

          He loves to meet us right where we are.  He lived His life as one of us.  He felt the same pains we do.  He was every bit man as He was God and that’s what made His sacrifice even more of a miracle.  When He was on that cross between the two thieves, He didn’t judge them.  He didn’t condemn them.  Instead, He bowed His head, willingly, and gave His life for them right then and there.  What an image.

          We’re all one of those two men in one form or another.  The choice is ours to believe in the sacrifice He made when we’re presented with the reality of it.  He is always willing and ready to receive us.   His love is from everlasting to everlasting.   That is why I am a believer.  Not because I first loved Him, but, because He first loved me on that cross two thousand years ago and today.

          I encourage you that, if you haven’t reached out and grabbed the hand of the One who gave His life for you, He’s ready to help you through that rock and a hard place.  He’s ready to bring new life and forgiveness for whatever it may be that needs forgiven.  Its not a long prayer that He requires.  No, it’s just a simple prayer, like the thief on the cross, saying, ‘Lord, I believe’… 


Amen and goodnight my friend,





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