"The Claw"

March 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          I have been called many names growing up (not all nice for certain).  Several nicknames stand out to me like, “Buzz” (something a fellow wing-mate in college labeled me because of my long neck), “Preacher Man”, “Braddy”, "Clawman", and “Santa Clawson”.  So, they weren’t all bad and they sure beat some of the other names I’ve been called!

          The Mrs. has a game she plays with our grandson to get him to go out to the car when he doesn’t want to leave that reminds me of those nicknames.  She pulls out “The Claw”.  He knows, when “The Claw” comes out, to run outside and around the van.  Then, he jumps into the car seat where Gammy proceeds to tickle him until he laughs so hard he almost cries.  He always knows that, when “The Claw” comes out, it means lots of fun and some special attention.   I just hope that, when he turns 18, we won’t have to pull out “The Claw” to get him to do something…

          There’s just something about “The Claw” that has followed me throughout my life.  I’m not sure if my name has anything to do with it.  But, when we were little, my older sister would grow her nails long just to help keep me in line.  Yes, she was “The Claw” and I probably have scars to prove it.

          Earlier tonight, the Mrs. had ME do “The Claw”.  Our grandson is now about 6 ½ years old and still loves it.  I was a little hesitant and didn’t really know just how to do “The Claw” so, with a little help and pushing from the Mrs. I worked it out.  He ran around that van laughing and jumped right into the van waiting to be tickled.  It was fun and a memory I’m hoping we both keep for some time.   

          I guess the reason I’m feeling like sharing this tonight is because the joy on that boy’s face when he’s being chased by “The Claw”, all the while knowing he’s never in danger, is something that is irreplaceable in life.  Chasing him around that car hearing him laugh out loud made me laugh too.   Of course, he’s getting smarter and tried to double-back on me, but he still got in the van. 

I want to keep that simple joy in my life.  It seems so far away at times but, being around the grandkids, just brings that out of us all. We take life so seriously today.  I’m just as guilty as anyone too.  There’s so much to look at in the world and get down about.  That’s one of the reasons I always admired comedians (much to my mother’s chagrin) because they can see the humor in almost anything. 

So, here’s to letting our guard down once and a while.  Who knows, maybe playing “The Claw” with the kids or grandkids is just the ticket for you.  I just wouldn’t try it on the Mrs…  Just sayin’.

Love Always!



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