What's on your shelf?

February 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

     A lot can be told about a person simply by looking at what's displayed on their mantle or shelves.  In my case, I was recently given a thoughtful gift by my son-in-law about the life of famous landscape photographer, Ansel Adams, and have proudly put it up on my office mantle to remind me that anything is possible.  His story of hard work, dedication, and love for God's nature using film photography nearly 80 years ago is amazing. 

     Another great memory for me is the clock once owned and restored by my Grandfather.  I have many memories of him winding that clock and hearing it sound off the hours.  I would sit and listen to it ring overnight only to wake up to the great smell of eggs & bacon made perfectly by my Grandmother.  Along side of his clock is his Bible.  Both of which are invaluable to me. 

     You'll probably notice that I must live in an old house based on the wood mantle.  In fact, our home is over 120 years old and we love it!  We are also in Texas so we do struggle with dust A LOT...  My mantle isn't perfect, isn't new, and isn't fancy,  But, it is a great place to remind me of where I came from and where I'm going.  Cherished memories of loved ones, reminders of my faith, and inspiration for one of my life's passions works for me.. !  

     I hope today you have a shelf of your own. One where you can hang that special photo, keep that piece of your life that holds so may dear memories, and one that you can see every day to inspire you towards what you want to be.  Just a few thoughts tonight at the end of a long week.  

Wishing you a very blessed weekend!

Love always friends, 



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