The Swamp

February 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          We hear a lot today about draining the swamp, mostly, for good reason.  It’s sort of ironic in a way because, the truth is, that swamps have a good purpose in the beautiful world God made for us.  I’ll list a few below as an example:

  1. Swamps clean our water supply.  Yes, the nasty water that ends up at the lowest points around us that are filled with plant life are one of the best places for water to go through a filtration from all those plants absorbing the pollutants.
  2. Swamps take on that extra water when floods happen.  These lower areas take water that, otherwise, might have ended up in our city or home during high waters.
  3. Swamps provide a natural habitat for birds and wildlife.  Many birds, some very rare, thrive in these places.  Some swamps, like here in Texas, are set aside just for the birds.
  4. Swamps are a home to many fish.  Salmon, in particular, spend  a lot of time in the marshes along the coast getting ready for the transition to salt water.
  5. Swamps protect the coasts from major storms.  These swamps absorb a lot of the impact of hurricanes and major storms coming off the ocean.

So, swamps are actually great places.  I wouldn’t want to live in one, mind you, but they serve so many purposes.  A few years ago, the Mrs. and I took a trip to the border of Texas and Louisiana to visit one of the largest natural wetlands in the South.  It was beautiful, with all the water lilies, lily pads, and birds surrounding us, we were in another world.  We also learned that there were some famous people who chose to live there (primarily for the privacy).  Here’s a pic below from our trip below.

Sure, there are predators in there we wouldn’t want to meet, like snakes and alligators. But, when we look at the benefits found in those swamps, it’s easy to see how God is like that with us.  He protects us from the overflow of life.  He cleanses us from within.  He makes our hearts a home to new life.  He guards our hearts from the storms of life.  And, even though there are predators out there looking to do us harm, he protects us.

I want to encourage you today that, if you feel the way the world thinks of the swamp, (a low place in life, full of dirty water, unattractive, and even carrying around some pollution), rejoice because, the reality is, God looks at you as a beautiful resource.  He sees you and wants to cleanse you, fill you up, protect you, and give you new life to be shared with others around you. 

Thank God for His grace and the beauty He’s built into the world around us.  He truly has given us a wonderous world.  Even the places that seem to be wastelands serve to support us all.   

So, the next time you pass one of these low areas filled with water and think, ‘yuk, that swamp looks and smells nasty’, remember, it’s cleaning the water for us, providing refuge for many forms of wildlife, and helping to keep our lands fertile for us to grow our food.  Summer’s coming and it may mean I'll need to get back out there and enjoy those swamps again…

Love always friend!



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