The 'Ole Corvette

February 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          One of the things the Mrs and I used to enjoy was going to the local car shows together.  It was a great time to get out of the house, see some restored cars whose owners were proudly sharing their prized cars with their friends, and do a little exploring around town.  I used it as an opportunity to get some photos as well of course.

          The picture today was taken at one of these car shows and reminded me of a time when I was about 3 years old.  My dad had just purchased a 1967 corvette (he was working for GM and got the employee pricing) and took us out to the family pond for our family reunion. 

I’ll never forget riding in the back of that smoke brown hot rod!  There were no car seats and no seat belts back there.   The seat was more of a lower hatch back if anything.   I was bouncing all over the place.  It’s a wonder I didn’t break the glass!

          He didn’t keep the corvette much longer after that, unfortunately.  I think I remember him saying he needed something safer for my sister and me to ride in (I guess my head left too many dents in the interior…).  He replaced it with a tank of a car (Oldsmobile Delta 88) which had a back seat the size of my Honda Accord!

Still, I sure was proud of that car and my dad.  Something about that feeling of pride in a child for their parent at that age that sticks with us.  Many of you probably have similar moments when you were young of that first time seeing something your parents did that just awed you.  To this day, I love to check out those old corvettes just for that reason.  It’s a connection that I won’t ever forget.

         So tonight, cheers to all my fellow car show fans out there and great memories of loved ones! 


Love always,




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