Sunset Seasons of Change

February 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          The unique beauty of a sunset.  Photographers call it the ‘golden hour’ for good reason.  That time of day, either sunrise or sunset, when the atmosphere magnifies the sun’s size, light is bleeding across the horizon at an angle, the colors of the sky turn orange & red, and it feels like heaven is shouting to us.

          In Texas, sunsets can be spectacular. The combination of the atmosphere, dust, and low horizon all combine for some unique sights.  This one was taken near our home at one of my favorite places to get a more elevated shot. For Texas, at least this part, that’s a small hill…  I will say that I also love California and Alaska which both have some spectacular views (nothing like a mountain or ocean in the foreground…).

          When I look at this photo, I think about the times of our life that the sun sets upon.  We go through seasons in life and, usually, we know those seasons are coming to and end, sometimes not, only to bring a new one.  Change can be difficult.  Especially when it means the loss of a loved one or friend; even if that friend is our best animal friend.

          I’ve been through many season sunsets in my life.  Some for the good and some not.  It was hard to say goodbye to my friends and family when moving to a distant place.  It was painful to let go of some battles that were just not helping.  It left a void when saying goodbye to a few special pets along the way who were there at some tough times.

          Through every change new life will come.  The trees in this photo are bare, but soon, they will be full of life.  If you look at the lower-right side of the picture, you’ll see a bird in flight with its wings illuminated by the sun. 

That’s how I see God in our life when change happens.  He lights our path, keeps His loving light on us through it, and then shines in the dawn of a journey.  Through every season of change, every high and every low, He is there just waiting to give air to our wings and light to our path. 

If you’re going through a sunset season change today, know that He is with you; even if it feels like night has come and there’s no light.  Morning is around the corner.  Rest in His grace and know that He’s in control.  Most importantly, know that He loves you unconditionally and forever.   Hang in there friend… Morning will come soon!

Love always friends…



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