Shopping With The Mrs

February 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          Shopping with the Mrs. can be one of those times a man says to himself, ‘what am I doing here??...’ or ‘didn’t she just buy one of those?’  I’m a patient person (most of the time) and shopping is a great test of just how much of those ‘patients’ I have left.  To her benefit, the Mrs. is great at finding deals and keeping the time spent in any one store under the ‘make Brad’s head explode’ limit… 

          Over the years, I’ve learned to not only look for that ‘man chair’, but also look for things that speak to me from a photography point of view. 

We’ll be doing some updates in our kitchen soon.  One of them is to have a farm sink the Mrs. found on Craig’s List installed (saved us a cool $1,000.00…).  The sink, unfortunately, didn't have faucets, so we stopped by a well-known faucet store to take a peek. 

          In one of their back rooms, they had this lamp hanging there.  It caught my eye immediately.  The style, design, and uniqueness all combined to a beautiful site to see.  I grabbed this pic with my cell phone above and added a few touch ups. 

          It made me think about how, individually, we’re a light but can’t light the whole around us. When combined with others, however, our one light is multiplied exponentially.  Each of us may be at a different brightness and different height of maturity, but that doesn’t stop the combined light to shine bright. 

           In each of our worlds there are also many textures.  Textures of pain, war, hunger, loss, emptiness, and just the pure humanity we see every day. All of which need that light to shine on them.  

          A little something I thought I would share tonight.  We’re not alone and, when we join together, our light will shine much brighter than it could by ourselves.   How that applies to you will most likely be different than how it will to me.  Together, though, we can all bring light to the many textures in our world…

Wishing you a happy Friday friends!



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