Not Forgotten

February 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          Looking out the window of an office building where I was attending a meeting this afternoon and seeing the above was spectacular.   The windows were floor to ceiling and you could see all of West Houston, along with some areas where Hurricane Harvey flooded homes.  

          It looked surreal at that moment, but, underneath all of those trees, are thousands of untold stories of heroes who saved lives during the floods, people who lost everything, and even people who lost their lives.   Life seems to be moving along as normal today.  One would never know that, just a few months ago, one of the worst flooding in the area’s history took place from a stationary hurricane.

          I’m just as guilty as anyone not wanting to make too much of a conversation about it with my customers.  Yet, for those who lived it, they still carry that memory fresh as though it was yesterday.  It’s how we tend to cope with tragedy that amazes me.

          Over the past year we’ve seen many natural and man-made disasters.  Yet, after each one, once the news cycle moves onto the next, we tend to put them out of our minds.  Sure, we have anniversary remembrance ceremonies and candle light services, so we won’t totally forget and to help victims heal, but, day to day, we’re consumed with the daily chores of life.

          I really don’t think God wants us to dwell on tragedy, though.  There’s a fine line between not dwelling and becoming callous to the many tragedies we see every day.   I can’t say where that line is sometimes because, like everyone else, some of the news I hear day-to-day just rolls off my shoulder onto the next thing.

          As a believer, I don’t want to lose my compassion.  I don’t want to become blind to the world around me out of the shear routineness that I see these things.  I know it would be different if it were me and/or my family for sure!

          The view today was just a wake-up call for me to not forget about those victims.  To keep helping when the cameras are turned off.  To keep giving to those who do.  To find ways to be ready for the next possible tragedy.  And, most of all, to keep praying for God to protect our country from more of these things happening. 

          Tomorrow, I’m going to up my monthly donation to one of the non-profits that we give to regularly.  At least that’s a start.  We’ll see where it goes from there.  I encourage you all to join me in doing something for those who may feel forgotten now that the cameras are gone but are still having to work through the recovery of their lives.

Love always friends,



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