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          There’s not much time tonight to write, but I did want to share a short note to say to all my friends and family on this day of love that, you’re loved!

          Over the years I’m learning to love more. It’s a life-long journey for most of us. In some ways, I think it’s the most important journey we’ll ever embark on.  More important than our work.  More important than that once-in-a-lifetime vacation.  More important than even that greatest achievement.  

          If we can learn to love, we have attained the greatest prize.  Love keeps no record of wrongs.  It’s patient.  It’s kind.  It’s gentle.  It always puts others first.  These things we see less and less of today. 

          Tonight, the Mrs. and I stayed home and shared some sugar-free chocolate covered strawberries.   Most importantly, though, we shared time together.  Yes, we watched a cheesy 90’s movie (While You Were Sleeping… great flick).  But, just being together was the most important thing to me.

          I’m looking forward to continuing this journey to finding love.  Suffice to say, that’s a long road ahead for me and I’m excited about sharing that road with you… 

Wishing you all a blessed Valentine’s day!




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