Happy Days

February 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          One of our favorite shows to watch growing up was ‘Happy Days’.   Poor Richie Cunningham who seemed to get the short end of the stick all the while trying to do what’s right by his friends.  Then ‘the Fonz’.   Who could forget the ‘heeeyyyy…’ with the thumbs up.  Even though I felt more like Richie, I was more of a Potsie at that age to tell the truth…!

          It was the 50s generation all grown up who loved the show more than anything. It was a time of prosperity, great new music, and technology advancements that made life so much better. That diner was where most of their social interactions took place.  It would be funny to watch again today because no one would have cell phones!

          I love nostalgic things.  Some things just take you to a time you wish you could go back to.  Yes, there are those today who would never want to go back to that time reciting social injustice and war, but, really, there were many great things to come out of that time (like the 57’ Chevy or T-Bird…).

          My hope is that, when our kids and grandkids are our age, that they’ll have happy days to look back on and remember the good times and not dwell on the bad.   Those happy days are, possibly, ones yet to be created.   Every day is a new day and could be a happy day. 

It doesn’t mean that hard times weren’t happening in the 50s or won’t be happening now.  Far from it.  It does mean, though, that if we focus on the positive, the good in people, the little joys, and remember to be thankful, those happy days will come about naturally without any effort. 

I know I can’t create happiness.  That it’s a product of faith, hope, and love.  But, I can choose not to dwell on the negative or the critical.  It will take effort, but if we can begin to look at the brighter side, even when it seems dark, the good always seems to find a way to overcome the evil.   

Thank you for taking some time from your day today to share this journey with me.  I’m looking forward to more happy days ahead and sharing them with you!

Love Always…



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