Game Night

February 07, 2018  •  1 Comment

          When I think back to what some of the best memories are as a child one of the first things that comes to mind is sitting around my grandparent’s kitchen table playing Yahtzee or Tripoley with my sister, uncle, mother, and grandma & grandpa. 

          I was in my younger years between 5-10.  Grandpa would sit in his chair and enjoy his pipe while grandma made us all coffee and crackers.  It was their nightly ritual to set at the kitchen table, enjoy a cup of coffee, and enjoy time together.  The grandkids, when we weren’t fighting, were an added bonus.

           We didn’t have cable, cell phones, Instagram, Facebook, laptops, tablets, video games, or iPods.  We had a tv but that had only three channels.  Most of all, we had each other.  It was the absence of all the distractions that made the time together special.

          When we weren’t playing games at the table, we would go downstairs and enjoy a game of pool as a family around grandpa’s pool table. He had it setup just right with bar seats and his old clock on the counter that he would wind up while tapping his pipe and sharing a good laugh with us (the Mrs had that clock restored for me over Christmas and it sits proudly in our dining room).  He was a quiet man but a decent, genuine, and good man.  In fact, one of the humblest men I’ve ever known.

          Their home was a refuge for all of us at that time.  They were the rock that we could always rely on.  I’ll be sharing more of their memories but, suffice to say, the game nights were a cherished memory.

          Today’s photo was taken at a local furniture store in Dallas over the past week-end.  It just brought back all of those great memories and a sense of comfort.  I’m looking forward to playing some more games with them when we all get to heaven one day…

          Most of all, it brought some conviction to me that I need to be better about getting the family together around the table for game time.  A time we can all just enjoy each other’s company along with a good cup of coffee.  Our grandson is already a Monopoly whize and he’s only six!  I’m looking forward to spending more time with him and the rest of the kids creating those same kind of memories…

Have a blessed day tomorrow friends…



momPat Jenkins(non-registered)
those were the good old days .......I would love to go back to those times .....Thanks for giving me some wonderful memories <3
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