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          Well tonight we’re looking at rain, thunder, and ice in Dallas.   That’s Texas weather for you. The ice is already building on the fence posts and cars.  I have plans to travel early in the morning, but that may be changed.  We’ll have to wait and see. 

Looking at the weather while on the front porch I could see our flag that we never take down, unless it’s too windy, beginning to ice up as the cold wind began to toss it around.  The sky had a bluish tint as the cold rain/ice was coming over.  The freezing flag reminded me of America today.  It was a picture I wanted to capture. 

To clarify, this isn't a political post.  In fact, I’ve decided to stop posting political posts on any social media some time ago.  It’s all too divisive for me to handle.  I’ve unfollowed many sites (and some people) that continue to drive the point home ten times a day.   If I ever caused anyone to unfollow me because of that, I’m truly sorry... 

We are at a crossroads in our land, however.  One that will take us to better things if we can come together.  But when we stay frozen or ‘polarized’, then we’ll never get anywhere.  The same holds true in our own lives.  If we become too set in our ways and unable to handle change, we’ll stay in ruts for years.

I know it’s cold out there in the world and cold in our country, but, if we try, we can make a difference.  There are no boundaries with love.  No political affiliations, no pro this, hashtag that, or anti the other.  Just love.  It’s the hardest thing for us as humans, yet it is the very thing we all need the most.

I’ve been doing a lot of heart searching lately.  I'm determining more in my daily walk to be a better man to my family and friends.  That doesn’t mean I want to run out and save the world (again).  But it does mean that I will try to keep my eyes, and heart, open to opportunities to love others every day. 

It may be a conscious decision to not be angry, or to let go of my pride, or to trust the Lord with my future instead of trying to make it happen on my own, or a thousand other possible things.

Tomorrow, I encourage you to join with me in looking for the areas in our lives that may be ‘frozen’.  Whether that’s relationships, habits, opinions of others, or just how we respond to our spouse, family, and friends.   We can make a difference together, united, and walking in love... 

Wishing you all a blessed day friends!



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