Fire Escape

February 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          Life can turn upside down when we least expect it.  Daily, it seems, there’s a fire or two to put out.  Sometimes it seems like I should be in the fire department of life!  Everyone needs an escape at times. 

It may be a movie, a trip to the coffee shop, a walk around the block, or an indulgence with a bowl of chocolate ice cream.  One of my things to do to escape the fires of the day, and this may make me sound like an old guy (I guess I am… sort of), is to take a short drive to the nearby Sam’s wholesale club to pick up a soda along with whatever the Mrs. may need at the time.   I know, it doesn’t sound like fun, but it gets me away from the stress of emails for a few minutes.

          Finding something that is productive and gets us away is the best.  Running off to see a movie during work hours wouldn’t be good for work.  Escaping with too much junk food (chocolate comes to mind...), or too much of anything, won’t help either.  It’s the balance of escape with productivity that, if we can find it, will help us to have a great balance.

          One of my former managers used to say, ‘work hard play hard’ and I think she was 100% right about that.  So, today, here’s to finding those balanced fire escapes in life for all of us. 


Love always!



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