Finding Rest

February 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

          Growing up, my mother worked hard to provide and care for us through some challenging times.  For a few years, things were very financially lean.  We didn’t have a lot of money, but we had a lot of love. 

One of the things mom enjoyed doing was taking us to a local park that was right next to a great ice cream shop.   After getting a small cone for my sister and me, we all walked over to the park where there was a pond filled with ducks.  Often, there were baby ducks who would come up to you and allow you to hold them.  I still remember holding those ducks in my little five-year-old hands.

To this day, mom still loves the outdoors.  She and my step-father own ten acres along with a pond at their home in Michigan where they’ve spent hours working to clear debris, plant grass, and make that pond a small haven.   The deer often come to eat where mom likes to routinely leave them food.  It’s a special place even in the winter when the snow turns it into a winter wonderland. 

The shot today was taken at a local park here in McKinney (no ice cream this time…).  It did take me back to those times, though.  There’s something relaxing about water whether it’s a pond, lake, or the sea shore.  I’ve loved water all my life.  That probably started with the first time I watched Sea Hunt and Flipper...  For a number of years growing up, Summer breaks were spent riding my bike to a local lake to snorkel all day with a friend.  I eventually worked to get my divers permit but, unfortunately, never was able to use it.  

I’ll dare say everyone I know loves taking a walk by the beach or sitting by the shore.  Just to be sitting there listening to the waves roll in with no cares in the world.  The scene is played out on commercial after commercial but there really is something to it.  Something healing about it.  It’s as though God made us to long after water and to be near it. 

Later in life, God used water to bring healing to my broken heart while living in the bay area of California next to the water.  Day after day I would ride my bike along the bike path on the water.  Over the course of a year or two, I found healing and peace.  It was after that when He brought me to Texas and into my Mrs. life eighteen years ago.  If I hadn’t of had that time of healing, I wouldn’t have been ready for what He had planned in my life.  He knew what I needed…

My prayer is that you make a time to find a spot to go, sit, and relax near water.  It could be a fountain, a lake, a river, or the ocean.  It’s still Winter and may be cold but, if you take just an hour (with a blanket) to go, sit, and rest, It may be a time where you find peace and, perhaps, God may meet you there too…

Many blessings this coming week my friends!




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