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     Ahh.. Texas sunsets!.. can't beat 'em. The bright oranges, reds, violets, and blues all mixed together.  What a sight.  A few nights ago, I went outdoors and was lucky enough to grab this shot of the sunset behind our outdoor lights.  Natural light and man-made lighting in a blend of colors that breathes peace to my heart and mind. 

     Over the past few months I've intentionally focused on a different form of photography.   Mainly, black & white in 8x10 format.  The reason being has been to put myself into a different mode because, like all good things in our life, we get set into habits and miss the greater picture.  That's what happened to me with my photography.  I needed to 'mix it up'.. 

     Black and white has a way of telling a story that color somehow misses.  It strips down the image to just light and shadow.  After all, that's what photography is all about; the capture of light.   Black and white sets a mood and, in art circles, has it's genre which some of the best photographers rely on almost exclusively.    

     It's been a great 30 days but, moving forward, I'll be doing a mix of different styles all focused on what my eye, and heart, are seeing in the world around us.  I hope you enjoy today's shot and thank you for stopping by..!.. 

Love always, 



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