Coffee Counselor

February 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

   Ahh coffee... the nectar we have become so dependent on for our daily 'picker upper'.  That one who will listen when we need to console ourselves during times of grief and frustration.  That one that has a way of magically pulling friends together for fun and conversation.  Yes... coffee is our friend.  Coffee has become such a central part of my life that, when I did try to go cold turkey, I lasted two months before going back to my old friend.  It was a LONG two months let me tell you!.. 

    We were out today grabbing a coffee close to downtown Dallas when I turned around and saw this guy taking a nap, ironically, next to his tall cup of Jo.  After closer observation, however, it appeared that he may not necessarily be the tired student who was resting after pulling an all-nighter that he appeared to be.  In fact, it looked as though this was his place of rest from the streets.  I wasn't sure and didn't want to wake him, but the image seemed stark to me.  This coffee shop was in a high-end area where a lot of wealthy folks go to shop (we just window peak.. ).  In today's world where technology is so readily available and free wi-fi is everywhere, it wouldn't surprise me that he may be 'living off the land' so to speak.  

     In any case, who knows where life has taken this young man who's sleeping at a table in the corner with his head down in a crowded, noisy coffee shop.  My heart goes out to him, though.  I said a little prayer for him tonight.  He will never know that a stranger prayed for him today.  I may not have been the only one praying for him either.  It makes me wonder how many times people prayed for me when I was down and out.  Probably a lot more than I know.  Prayer doesn't have to be this long drawn out slowly spoken long worded plea.  God already knows what we need and what we're thinking.  I usually just ask Him to be with that person or need.  Sometimes I pray for more but, usually, it's a brief prayer.  He knows and hears.  

     Just like this young man, today came with an emotional challenge for me too.  Sometimes life is out of our control and we wish we could change circumstances but can't.  Prayer is the only thing I know to do in those times.  Today, I asked God, 'how can this situation in my life possibly change...?'..  Within seconds that still, calm, loving small voice came to my heart and said, 'trust Me'.   

     So, today, I say a prayer for a stranger and God says to trust Him when things look impossible in my own life.  He is at work in all of our lives.  I just need to let go and let God... and, have a few more coffees... !  :)

Love always friends, 




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