Closet Door

February 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

     Today was one of those Sundays spent mostly working around the house to clean the floors.  Not my favorite thing, but in a house so old with so many ways dust can creep in, it's a necessity to do often.  Unfortunately, I'd put off the task a little longer than usual so it took some time to get those old pine floors spiffed up.  After several hours of back breaking work, I sat down in my office chair.  The sun was setting a bit and the Super Bowl was just about to start.  I sat back and looked over to notice how the light from my window was shining off of the closet door.   It took me back a bit.  Yeah, it's an old door, but the way the light hit it made me question just how many people lived here and used that old closet? 

     So far, we've counted at least five families who've called this house home over the past 120 years, but there's probably a lot more.  They all shared the use of that closet.  Next to that door there is an old fireplace that is no longer working.  How many families came in and hung their coat in that closet then sat down right where I am in front of that fireplace?  What did they talk about?  Did they even have a television or did they sit around the old radio together?  How many times did their kids play hide & seek in there?  I used to love making forts in one of the hidden closets of a home we grew up in.   

     So much history in that one place that seems so insignificant.  I don't really know why, but it makes me think about the closets of our hearts.  The place where we keep the things we want to protect, the things we don't want others to see, and the place where we store something special for a special person.  As we progress through life that closet gets more full every year with new memories, good & bad, that we hold onto.  There's a corner in that closet, too, where we keep the hurts and failures we don't want anyone to see. There's also that place on the top shelf where we keep that special memory we never want to lose.  

     How about you?  How much stuff is stored in your heart closet?  Ironically, that closet in my office was the one place I didn't get to clean today.  Sometimes, it's just easier to keep the door closed.  I often forget what's in there until I open that door.  Like that closet in my office, the closet in my heart needs to be cleaned every so often.  It's then when I call on the Lord to help me with that chore as He's the only one who can truly clean it.  I may need to organize it, put the right things in there and get rid of the wrong things, but He's the one who wipes away the dirt and makes it new again. 

     As you start this new week, I want to encourage you to open that door and ask the Helper to help you clean that heart closet out. I know I will be..  He will make it all like new again...!

Wishing you all a blessed week and remember to love always friends! 






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