Cleaning the Garage

February 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The Mrs. and I had our regular date night tonight.  When we finished a nice meal downtown and a walk around the square (along with a few stops to the favorite stores), we returned home.  After putting the trash containers back and letting out the dogs, I decided to put some of those boxes we’ve been filling up with the Winter season decorations, back in the garage.

Our garage is more of a storage unit than a place to park the cars.  Because our home is over 100 years old, there really isn’t a lot of space to put boxes (I guess people didn’t hoard as much back then…) and there’s no basement.   Our garage does great, though.  We have shelves lined along all the walls and in the middle.  Just enough room to put our personal ‘stuff’ and the Mrs.’s projects.

          Living in Texas also brings with it the chore of having to clean often.  These old buildings are not the best at keeping out the dirt and the critters.  Yes, the critters…  Over the past year, we’ve been battling the random attacks of the neighborhood rodents who decided to make our perfect storage place, their home.  Let’s say, we’re winning that battle at this point, but it hasn’t been fun! 

          If we didn’t keep up with all these chores, that old garage would quickly begin to look like the shed in this photo.  The wood would rot, the rodents would take over, the floor would flood, and, eventually, the walls would collapse.  Nature has a way of taking back what we take from it quickly.

          Our hearts are like this old shed.  We build up years of memories, some joyful and some not, habits become ingrained in the woodwork of our lives, and, eventually, the bad ones begin to leak into our everyday lives.  The paint that we put over those areas we don’t want people see begins to chip off.  The foundation we’ve built our lives on may even begin to crack (like our garage floor is now!..).  Then, one day, if we don’t keep the work of keeping our heart clean, the walls may begin to collapse and fall in when the next storm hits.  

Sure, like our old garage, those things that we’ll get to one day just sit there and take up space. They begin to deteriorate and fall apart.  We look in there from time-to-time and say to ourselves, ‘yeah, I really need to do something with that’ but are usually too busy to make the effort.  The danger of being out of site is that things are out of site.  It’s not until we turn the lights on and open the door that we see what’s been neglected and in need of some TLC. 

I guess what I’m getting at is that, there are things we put away in our heart because they’re too painful.  Or maybe they’re so far in the past that we’d rather not think about them.  It could be something from our childhood or something that happened at work today.  Whatever it is, if we let those things build up in our heart without getting them cleaned out, they will eventually fall apart, and our heart walls may just crumble from their weight.

The only way to clean the heart is through forgiveness and giving everything to the One who can help.  I know my heart garage has things I need to get cleaned out.  I work every day at letting the One who can help me get clean in the door.   He is always willing to help and more than willing to help me get those things off my shelves.  He may even do some critter removal in the process!

          If your heart garage feels full of stuff that needs to be taken out, cleaned, and put back together, know the One who is the Master cleaner is ready and willing to help you.  He will make all things new and will help you carry the burden of removing all of those things that need to go. 

Be blessed today my friend,



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