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          Broken… my first thought is, ‘how did broken become broken in the first place?’  We drop a glass on the floor and it breaks into pieces.  We use something long it enough and it breaks like that favorite toy we had as a kid. 

          In our culture today, when something breaks, instead of trying to fix it, we simply toss it in the trash and get a new one.  After all, why use something that has flaws?  We live in a throw away society.  Just look at what goes into the dumpsters sometime. 

          Some folks, my Mrs. being one of them, enjoy taking those throwaways and fixing them.  Taking a piece of junk furniture someone tossed by the side of the road and making it look new again. 

I remember just a few years back when I looked around and couldn’t find her in the house.  I peaked out the window and saw a dumpster down the street from an older home being renovated and knew where she was.  Sure enough, she was inside of that thing, along with another dumpster diver, picking out some antique furnishings they were tossing away just to replace with new ones.  I love that about her…

The truth is that all of us are broken in one way or another.  We’re all carrying around those cracked hearts, holes where there shouldn’t be, and used up life inside.  How did we get here?   I know where a lot of my brokenness comes. 

What do we do with that brokenness?  Unlike a broken glass, we can’t sweep it up and throw it away.  Sure, we can try to cover it up by acting like it’s not there.  But, underneath, it’s still there.  We carry ourselves the best we can all the while that festering sore, broken heart, or painful memory keeps eating at us.  What do we do??

I will say, after many years of working through my brokenness with the help of my loving Mrs., family, and friends, that you can’t do it alone.  We need each other to lean on and help us unload this brokenness. 

Even more importantly, we need Jesus.  He’s the only way I could have survived some of the painful losses I’ve had.  He’s not only comforted my heart but helped guide my life to others who He has used both in my life and me in theirs.

Putting those pieces together can be challenging.  Sometimes we get cut along the way, bruised, and rejected.  But, if we can make it through the process of healing those broken pieces, our lives will be changed. 

You’re not a throw away today… If struggling with brokenness today, He loves you and you’re no less valuable to him.  He cares.  He can walk with you and help you put the pieces together no matter how shattered they are.  He is here for you anytime you call on His name. 

Lord, help all of us bring our brokenness to you.  Help bring healing and new life to those areas where we feel like a throw away.  Give peace and joy back to my friends today…

Amen and love always friends,



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