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          I took a few minutes this afternoon to do some exploring around town and ran across this gem.  It was roughly 5:00 and the sun was beginning to set.  This barn, sitting on land that is about to be bulldozed into roads, homes, and shopping centers, was buried amongst the trees waiting to tell its story.

          It seems barns like these are getting harder and harder to find in Texas.  People either want the wood to put into their homes or they’re just in the way of progress.  Farms are selling out to large commercial and residential builders all around us. 

          While I was getting close to the barn, I heard some noises coming from inside.  There was no one around for a mile or so.  It did make me step back a bit until I saw what was making the noises.  Just as I finished taking this shot, a very large vulture flew out the window to the right.  It must have had a five or six-foot wing span!  Needless to say, chills went down my back!

          I love these pieces of history whether they’re here in Texas or elsewhere.  One day, they’ll be a thing of the past.  They tell a story to me.  Texas is rich in history and culture.  Even though I wasn’t raised here, I’ve become a grateful citizen of this great state.  Anything I can do to preserve its memory, even if it’s a small part like taking pictures of old barns, is worth it to me.

          Unlike this barn, even when we get old and feel alone, beat down, or abandoned, there’s always hope.  The newer models may be replacing us, but we still have a story to tell.  We have a rich history that many can learn from.  We may not be able to do what we used to in the past, but others can still learn from us.

          Be encouraged today.  If you’re feeling like this old barn, don’t let yourself go another minute thinking that you have no value.  You may feel alone and that you have little to add to other’s lives, but you do!  Even if it’s a story someone could learn from or enjoy.  Maybe a bit of history about your town, family, or friends.  It all has meaning and is important.  You’re story is unique which makes it special.


As always, you’re loved my friend!



Tom Rushing(non-registered)
Brad, this is not only a great photo but I love your analogy between people as we do get older and this old barn. Have a blessed week brother.
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