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    Tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of relief, and tears of pain.  All of us have shed a few in our lifetime.  I have cried many tears over the years (yes.. even at those sappy Hallmark movies we watched over the holidays...).  Our culture tends to make tears a shameful thing for a man as though he's somehow weak.  Woman, well.. you know.  We may not cry like our wonderful counterparts at things but, truth be told, we can't hold them back sometimes.  

    Something that rings true about tears is that they are a relief point.  A relief of that emotion we're feeling so deeply within.  Perhaps the relief from a painful injury, the pain of the loss of a loved one, the pain of a broken relationship, or the pain of loneliness.  Certainly, our creator who made us to have emotions and feelings, knew we would need a release of that emotion.  In such a simple way, he used the release of tears from our eyes to allow for those emotions to come out.  I really don't know why, but it's a miracle in a way. 

    Memories, both good and bad, for me are what can bring them on.  Not that I sit and dwell on memories.  No, but it's the things that remind me of them while watching a movie, or reading an article, or talking with a friend.  I've learned to accept these tears as God's way of not only helping me to release the pain, but to help HEAL the pain. The feeling of the pain being soothed or, somehow, washed away is what He does through my tears. 

    The photo below struck me as a mirror of some of our lives.  We have the times of great joy but, later, pain.  The tears come with both.  Before healing can happen, I truly believe tears must come.  The letting go of those pains and the washing away of the past.  Not that tears alone will accomplish all of this, but that they are part of the process.  A process that God wants to work in all of us.  The process of turning our tears of sorrow to tears of joy!

    I'm reminded that the Bible says when we get to Heaven, 'He will wipe away all our tears' and that 'there will be no more sorrow or pain' (Rev 21:4). To that promise I hold for the future and for today; in this life and time.   Jesus wants to heal our wounds, cleanse our hearts, and wash us clean.   He will make all things new again!  In that, I've found great peace and strength in times of pain and tears. 

    So, today, I'm not recommending you go watch the Hallmark channel for hours on end (that would make anyone cry!..).  But, if there's a time when you need to let go of that pain and feel comfortable, let those tears flow.  They may just help bring some healing.   You're loved my friend and be encouraged that every day is a new day in Him.. 

Have a blessed night my friend,



pat jenkins(non-registered)
Beautifully said
pat jenkins(non-registered)
Beautifully said
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