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     Growing up in a small town in West Michigan had it's advantages (and challenges).  One of those was convenience.  Everything was, literally, right around the corner.  We had the town shoe store, five and dime store, JCPenney, a few small restaurants, and the local grocery.  Life was much simpler.  We had one high school and we all graduated with the same class of kids we started up with in elementary school.   

     When I was young I would watch television shows and think the world was so big and the ocean, well, that became my dream.  I wasn't isolated, mind you, my grandparents took us nearly every Saturday to the city where we went shopping at the local K-Mart and had a steak dinner at Ponderosa (great memories for me).. Some people raised in that small town regret it.  They think, 'if I had just been raised in a place where there was more opportunity I would have amounted to more'.   All they can see is how that small town kept them from becoming more.  Granted, it had it's limitations, but for me at least, it felt safe.  

     How does opportunity come to us anyway?  Now that I'm older and living in a city where more than seven million other people live, opportunity still seems to come the same way;  hard work, focus, and believing in yourself.  Even more importantly, trusting in God for His guidance when every door seems closed in front of us.  Life can be challenging whether we live in a small town or big city.  The opportunities that come to us this way are much better than those we try to force. 

      Many times they come with a small thought.  An idea or a 'nudging' to talk with someone is usually the first step. It's that sense that I want to do something different.  It's the waiting that's the tough part and, when I go off and try to make it happen before I've worked it through, I fail.  Failure can, ironically, be when opportunities come to us because it's through those failures that we learn, grow, and become what we need to be for that opportunity to come our way.  

     I know people who feel like life's given them a bad shake.  They feel that, no matter how hard they try, it's just not happening for them.  It's hard for them to look at the positive.  They feel somehow cheated.  That God's let them down even.  They don't care to hear any new ideas and have, in some ways, lost hope.  The security of that job they hate is better than the possibility of failing again with all the pain that brings.   

     If that's you today, be encouraged.  Opportunities come at the strangest of times.  It's usually when we least expect it and it's not just about our work or finances.  It could be that right person we're to spend the rest our life with, or that friend you meet for the first time.  God has perfect plans for you.  He will open the doors and lead you on the path around the corner.  He's has them all planned out for you.  The toughest part is 'letting go and letting God'... once we can do that, He will make our paths straight again.   

    I'm so excited to be sharing this blog with you.  It's a learning process for me and a reminder that I should have paid more attention in English class!... :)  Just the chance to share my heart with others in a forum where I can use my photography has been very rewarding already.  The opportunity was right there on my photography site and it was a thought that came to me after the holidays...'why don't you do a blog to share your heart and what you see in those photos.."..  That's it.   

    Just remember... You're loved today friend.  Hang in there because, when opportunity comes knocking, you will know.  It may be right around the corner.. 

Love always, 



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